please empty your brain below

Wishing your mum good luck. If it's N&N, the staff there are lovely (I know a couple of the nurses)

All good wishes to your Mum.

And I quote from my local council web page:

"There is no provision for school meals in Dorset."


I think Thatch would be a bit chewy at this late stage Scary. Look to the next gen - Yvette Cooper looks quite Tender..

Get well soon Mrs G.

And yes, all the best for Ma Geezer.

Best wishes to Mrs Geezer.

Best wishes for your mum.

Sounds good to mee geezer - all the best to your mum

Now out of the operating theatre, and all seemingly well. Thanks for all your best wishes.

does bernard matthews do the grub in norfolk hospitals?

"Ma Geezer"?

Wasn't that a Boney M song? They were hip cats.

I think that was Ma Baker lol. Yes all the best to Mrs Geezer. I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with this post, although Scaryduck needs to get out more, Mrs T has been gone for about 15 years, you have to blame Tony Bliar now for things.

A pedant writes: My full English breakfast, if I ever ate such a thing, would include tinned tomatoes, which have sugar in, so number 3 isn't quite right. On a more important note, best wishes to your Mum. And on a slightly flippant note - good job she's in such a flat county; it'll make the recuperation much easier(!)

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