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Aha - I wondered what those "searchlights" reflecting off the clouds were last night. I could see them quite clearly from Ealing Road in Wembley.

I imagine they'll look quite good from Oxford St if it gets foggy. *ahem*

Reminds me of those lasers they tried in the 80's. They were crap too.
These searchlights may have other purposes I speculate...

I was surprised to be able to see the aurora oxfordalis from Bow in east London too.
No sign of the Luftwaffe yet.

Might be margianlly better than repeating the snow flakes though? Maybe not.

Last time I walked in my local high street I saw a stall where you can buy a bulb for the christmas lights (£1 a pop). Maybe Oxford street could try doing that next year.

My gaff is a Christmas tree & fairy light free zone! Long may it continue! Bah Humbug? Too bloddy right!
Still I like the look of the Oxford Street lights, nice to see something diffeent...but what about the real shocker this year: no Santas Grotto in Selfidges! No! Everyone knows that's where the REAL FAther christmas lives ever since Jones & Higgins shut down in Peckham...

I'm glad you have confirmed my feelings on the subject, following my viewing this evening.


Regents Street looks great when you are at the top end, the other side of Oxford Street.

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