please empty your brain below

Are you going chronologically through the event?
Can't wait for ABC.

Actually Video had been invented and was in the process of finding a suitable knife with which to kill the radio star...


I think concerts like this are a great idea, and personally I can't wait for Wembley to play host to 'Produced by Steve Albini'.

Well, I can hope, can't I?

You forgot to mention that this amazing concert supported The Prince's Trust - such a brilliant charity. I was also at Wembley and had a fantastic time.

My my Mr Geezer - to attract spam with the Royal seal of approval - you're moving in high circles now

Tell us about Propaganda next please...

did you see this?

I am very jealous! I saw ABC a few years ago supporting Culture Club and the Human League, it is good to know the gold lame number made another appearance!

Hmm, smacked face wasn't impressed, eh? But it was that sort of evening - you either liked most of it or you hated most of it.

I went to this gig too!! (Put a bit in my blog about it) Curious how they kept the best lot until the second half... I think if smackedface had stuck it out he my have changed his mind, but then as you say it was either your cup of tea or not!

Little known fact: The drummer in Buggles was in fact Warren Cann from Ultravox.

Or \\_her\\_ mind, even.

Seen ABC at corporate events. They do put on a superb show.

Mmmm, I should have stuck it out - I know I missed out. But it was cold at the back of that arena. And I'm a bit of a quitter. (Apart from on the cigarette front - but I'm working on that...)

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