please empty your brain below

It's the things you write about it that make it fascinating DG. Please don't make us wait a whole year though!

Now I cannot but help to think about Your Geekiness when I sit on the Met line between Finchley Road and Wembley Park and KNOW with extreme confidence that this is the longest stretch between stations on the entire Underground system. Thank you Diamond Geezer!

I don;t think it's so much the subject matter, more the way you approach it

Nah, it's the subject matter!

Actually, I'll join in the fawning. Although I am genuinely fascinated by the underground anyway, dg manages to make an already interesting topic even more so.

Looking forward to the next instalment.

PS I know you don't tend to make mention of it here, but wasn't Saturday lunchtime a bit of a rollercoaster! Can do without too many like that.

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