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My sincerest commiserations. Truly a terrible fate.

My Boyfriend is a Twat: ITV's prime-time replacement for Blind Date.

Phew. Finally I have a decent answer for when someone asks "why do you have your name as your URL?"!!

"Eye on Knickers"?

With apologies for the blatant self-publicity...
World Of Chig: A fascinating insight into the Chig race from TV's 'Space: Above And Beyond'.

Are we up for a Harry Hill style fight?

A current MediaGuardian news story is headlined "David Jason Takes On Diamond Geezer"

The MediaGuardian article is here (although you may need to register to read it).

Scariest parts of article...
• Diamond Geezer stars Jason as recidivist Des, a new character whom Granada's director of drama, John Whiston, hopes will become as popular as DI Jack Frost, the grumpy detective he plays in long-running ITV1 show A Touch of Frost.
• Production of Diamond Geezer began this week, with location filming to take place in Leeds and Lincoln.
• Mr Whiston said he hoped Diamond Geezer could become a new long-running vehicle for Jason.
• "I think it's going to be really funny, a bit of a caper," Mr Whiston said.

Heh - "caper", a word that never fails to fill me with dread...

I prefer to think of Random Acts Of Reality as "Ambulance person sneaks up on drunks and injures them in interesting and original ways - then picks up maternity calls using a number of false accents - will you survive a trip in the back of his Big White Taxi?"

Or is that too real for Reality TV?

I really think you should sue, not least because I'd like to see their reply to your letter. I suspect you don't have any legal position though, unless you registered the name as a trademark. Though you might want to register (and variations) asap.

Green Fairy - A documentary about drugs, dealers and the effects of LSD.

GrocerJack - using Grocer as a euphemism for a ...ahem....vendor. Eventually nicked by the world renowned Inspector Sands.

No-one deserve the fate of being lumped in with a bloke who everyone (sic) thinks is a convincing copper.

Later, DealerJack

Gotta say I saw that as well, and the first thing I thought, was damn, they nicked that!

But in a highly amusing (to me) twist, seven years later, Random Acts of Reality did get turned into a TV series based on the blog!

I saw it to, and i also think they nicked that!!!

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