please empty your brain below

Your dedication is impressive but I think you will slowly come to one conclusion.

You know what it is.

Release your anger, give in to your hatred, join me on the dark side!!!

(pop quiz: which movies did I watch over the weekend?)

You should find out when the machine is usually restocked and have a look inside. I did once and it's rather disconcerting.

Pete: You mean this?

Pete - I've taken your advice and taken a look inside. There are large plastic containers joined by long plastic tubes to big plastic tanks... which may explain that strange taste all the drinks seem to have.

Do you have a slops bucket with a -ahem! - ballcock in it? Ours has a slops bucket, which reminds me of the old pig swill bin from school dinners. Sometimes it overflows.

PS. Quiet day at work, was it?

Bloody busy day at work actually. But some things shouldn't be left until tomorrow.

*scratches head in amazement*

(inside the machine) reminded me of one of those 70's sci-fi horror movies where a character was brought back to life with plastic tubes sticking out of him.

They've killed tea and brought it back in their own image. They must be destroyed.

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