please empty your brain below

Aaah.. Whipps Cross and the Roti Roti... my locals... if ever I hurt myself or fancied a grilled Karachi dish that's where I would go. When first we moved here the latter was a very nice curry house called, very aptly "The Ruby Murray".

Sadly some of those lovely painted millenial line emblems were lost when they re-tarmaced the pavements last year. Ours luckily survived.....

..and yes, that other marker is indeed wierdly placed.

Aren't I pathetic I lived in Leyton for my first 18 years and had no clue whatesoever that the meridian ran a few 100 yards from my house (no GPS I suppose) and a complete lack of imagination from the geography teachers at my high school which in essex road was almost on the meridian!

Ditto what Mark said, except its Walthamstow with me, and only for four years.

Haven't you seen the laser Darren?

Probably not, down your way... that's the problem with it being a laser... you can only see it if you're right under its path.

I'm still waiting for you to reach Pole Hill Obelisk in north Chingford, so you can tell me how far off the meridian it actually is!

But keep going north, and you'll have enough material for a six part TV series on UKTV Documentary.

Tomorrow, shellers, tomorrow...

And hmmm, if Tim Moore can make a six part ITV documentary based on his book about places on the Monopoly board, maybe there's hope for me yet.

This may be a stupid question, but is it the same laser that comes from Greenwich? I always thought it petered out at about Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Ok I have lived in Leyton (previously and live in Walthamstow now, and I didn't know this!! I intend to go investigating myself!!

ah yes, the 14th walthamstow scouts.
*shuts eyes and fondly remembers stroking a woggle or two*

Same laser Inspector.... it appears to peter out just over our house but if you go further North it can still be seen. I've not checked just how far though... a challenge for DG perhaps?

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