please empty your brain below

Brilliant juxtaposition of illustrative images there DG.

...except that the compass is pointing north but the image on the left is pointing south.

No-one would ever have noticed. You're worse at accepting compliments than me, aren't you?

Well Photoshop it dear DG, Photoshop it. I mean 'manipulate it ditially using Photoshop', or whatever it is that one is supposed to say according to Adobe, of course.

I've already tried photoshopping (verb?) it, but it doesn't look as good upside-down

Well swap the letters round then, then it would be the right way up but also pointing the same way as the picture.... and yes photoshopping is a verb..... although as a cheapskate I'd PaintShopPro it.

Photoshopping isn't a verb that is allowed by Adobe, the trade-mark holder, though (check their website for a whole page of glorious bumf on said subject).

I'd using the cloning tool (the one that looks like a rubber stamp) to take out a circle the correct size for the letters you want to swap, and change them over. Other more advanced users would undoubtedly have a better way of doing it. OK, so the arrow would then be pointing to south, but one can't have everything.

If the arrow was pointing to south then it still wouldn't be quite right. I shall leave my photo as it is - factually correct, aesthetically appealing but directionally incorrect.

I dreamt how to do this more easily in the night - rotate the whole image, then use the clone tool on the arrowhead.

As you say, it's lovely how it is.
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