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Wow, I learn something new every time I visit here, and not just about London. Fantastic site, Diamond! Planethalder.

Nice to see Airy getting a good press for once - I've just read a book about the discovery of Neptune which details just how he was pilloried for his involvement in the process (he withheld information from a Cambridge astronomer who had predicted its position, leading to two German scientists actually being the first to publish a sighting).

I reckon the meridian isn't far from here - how the devil am I going to find out. (Don't say a map)

Meridian Blogring anybody?

Andy - sorry, but I'm going to say a map.

The Ordnance Survey mark the Meridian on their Explorer series of maps, and you can check out exactly which 16 maps the meridian crosses here. Click on the map of your choice to see if the meridian goes near you!

I had to get out my Readers Digest map of the world.

North Sea Blogring anybody.

It appears to go into the North Sea somewhere south of Grimsby. Austin Mitchell would probably be the last one on the line.

By the time it gets to Sedgefield, its miles out into the North Sea.

Is it True that when the new Constitution for the EU is finally settled the meridian is tio be moved to go through Brussels? Well it is about as sensible as all the other daft things they have made us do.

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