please empty your brain below

And for further afield there's Michelin which is pretty good.

I conducted a similar test to the Inspector- my house in Manchester to Newcastle United football ground- and got the right result. Mind the ground is in the town centre so easier to find than the Villa!

On a slightly more difficult test- my house to my mam's in Newcastle- it told me to catch a bus that goes fairly nearby, instead of the one that goes right past the door every two minutes.

So, one-and-a-half out of two. But this is (as you recognise DG) a major undertaking, and a promising start.

Brilliant! Although it did involve only a capital city and a medium-sized town. Took all the worry away. Thanks for that.

Hmmm - I just tested Bow to Victoria Station and apart from the tube, it also suggested taking a National Express Shuttle from Bow Church to Victoria Railway Station.

Just after I finished university, about 15 years ago, I moved to Dundee in Scotland for a while. I lived in Bodmin, Cornwall until I was 18 and, because I didn't have a lot of money and the train was expensive, I used to do the journey on a National Express bus when I wanted to visit my family. It took forever. It wasn't the distance so much as the fact that it stops in several major towns and cities. Because bus stations are located very centrally, you had to leave the motorway, drive through city centres, and then drive back out to the motorway. In addition, city centre bus stations always seem to attract borderline psychopaths waving cans of Special Brew, so you were always a bit nervous about nipping to the loo or stretching your legs when you got there. Wouldn't want to do that again!

Just tried it from my house to the parents: spot on. far superior to the rather rubbish 'travel line' site.

The Land's End / John O'Groats would surely be simpler by getting a train from 'zance to either Exeter or Bristol, then the Edinburgh train?

On a serious note: does anyone of you 'public transport anoraks' know of a website that does train travel in the Czech Republic? And if it's not got an English version what are the main words I need to know?
Someone help!

Exactly right for the journey between here and my parents but, for the journey between my home and my work it failed to suggest walking the entire distance (which is what I do).

The bus takes as the same time as walking (no direct bus between here and there) and the only mode that's faster is a car but parking is scarce at the work end of my journey and I don't own one anyway.

Hackney, London to Carrara, Australia.

No route found.


This does actually work. I was a bit suprised to tell the truth though....just thought I'd share that with you all!!!

Site closed, precisely 10 years later.
The gov site closed because plenty of other sites were doing it.

Google can do John O' groats to Lands End in under 24 hours: Bus to Wick, Coach to Glasgow, Train to Crewe, Train to Newport, Coach to Bristol Airport, Coach to Penzance, Bus to Lands End.

If you don't mind 25 or 26 hours, there are plenty of options, some of which allow a decent night on the Caledonian Sleeper.

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