please empty your brain below

I had the original when it came out and couldn't work out how to get out of the bedroom. Twenty years on and I still can't.

are we allowed to post hints here?

(clue: read the description of the room - it tells you where the door is)

I am still faffing about on the Heart of Gold.

> enjoy Ford
This is a family game, not a video nasty.

Wonderful memory! Thank you. Played one of them on my Amstrad CPC 6128 twenty years ago. Drawing out the map with arrows and circles, sellotaping more and more A4 sheets together to accommodate the plot. Roughly once per session a B/W still picture would pop up, and that was a major treat. I suppose the nextgen would be King's Quest, with moving graphics and music.

Loved them also. And Lounge Suit Larry, which all my friends tried in the early nineties, stoned out of their nuts. We never did get through the bamboo into the more frightening part.

Mmm. Text adventures. DG has now officially discussed all of my interests.

I feel obliged to point out there there is a thriving modern-day text adventure community, and many new (and free) games are released every year.

There's a decent intro page to the modern day IF world here, should anyone be interested.

Leather Goddesses of Phobos on the Atari ST drove me insane for months. I never did get off the boat.

DG - I've procured you a Babelfish. You can find it if you restore dgeezer\\_sg (it didn't feel right to go overwriting your original saved game).

And for those who weren't hardcore Infocommies like I was, you can abbreviate "wait" to "z" and "again" to "g".

dg writes; Cheers. Now, how do I get the vector plotter before I get ejected from the airlock? I keep typing the wrong bit of poetry into the keyboard...

I once typed in a ZX81 text based game as listed in Your Computer magazine. It took me almost a week to type in, and then of course... the bloody RAM pack became dislodged.

My Dad was a bit of a show off. He 'hacked' the mythical fantasy land setting and changed all the text instructions to be relevant to people and places in our village:

'You are now outside Costcutters. Brian the milkman is waving a milk bottle at you...'

My mates loved it.

dg writes: Ah, the good old days of programs that were so BASIC you could rewrite them. Can't do that now, alas.

Still play em, myself!

Ditto the typing in the huge volumes of BASIC, Mr OBB - except with me it never recorded to tape properly, so whereas I was expecting a text game I'd get A-Ha's Greatest Hits.

The Hobbit is the king of them all. Maddening, frustrating, a total classic. And entertainingly buggy (remember 'Thorin hc edfelts'?)


How about the awesome mastery of graphics *and* text that was Lords Of Midnight?


Doomdark's Revenge?

Um, luckily my coat is quite handy.

This hitchhiker is hopeless. I did a bit, then just now I wanted to start again, but it won't let me. Got me on move 12, and that's it. Totally forgotten what the first eleven moves were. (Youse'll all be old yourselves some day.) And I hadn't even saved my position. Simply switched off.

Glee! Brilliant! Thanks for the link DG. I never did finish that game back then - could never manage to get out of the bloody Vogon ship.

Worst thing was that my brother figured out most of it but wouldn't tell me. Just watched me and sniggered till I hit him with the keyboard.

Now I get the chance to frustrate and bewilder myself all over again! There go the next 4 weeks...

Gosh. What was it you were saying about Linux-based databases yesterday..?

Then again, I was only one of a select few idiots to be a Vic20 owner.

It surprises me that there isn't a blog somewhere devoted to early 80s programming and computing. Or maybe there is, and I just haven't found it yet...

Granny's garden!! Even I remember that one. And I'm a girl. And pretend not to be geeky


Memories ...

Thanks a lot DG. I've now pissed away a good 8 hours of my life....happily of course

I used to play one called Hampstead on my trusty old BBC-B micro which was hilarious, the aim being to attain Hampstead status from your lowly position as an unemployed no hoper. Never quite got there though!

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