please empty your brain below

I actually thought it was rather a lovely programme actually. But then people, rather than buses, are of greater interest to me, much as I love Routemasters. Good choice of music for the soundtrack too.

I don't think that it set out to be a bus-spotter programme/ documentary, did it?

Maybe if enough people asked they'd do something different with the footage they shot? Maybe make a video or something? I'm sure there'd be a market...

BBC = inaccurate. Actually thats not fair.

Media = inaccurate. Seems more like it.

The emotional slant to the programme was well done. I was just concerned by the several accompanying factual inaccuracies.

I liked it, I thought it was civilised and touching (and I'd love an ID on that soundtrack) Part two is the same time, same bat channel, next Monday.

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