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I'm keen to see what the Daily Mail and the Torygraph have to say today. They've got to balance their drooling support for killing foxes with their fervent dislike of mass protest. Oh, what a dilemma.

Ho ho ho. Not that much of a dilemma though - because when you're the Mail editor and its the landed gentry you're talking about, its not a mass protest but 'a legitimate expression of your democratic voice'. Hypocrisy? Shurely not.

Daily Mail headline:"Civil War!!". Hilarious.
I think the red coats will just have to find another hobby that's only open to the aristocracy. Hopefully it won't be criminally stupid and pointless this time.

Rather ironic that I've seen some comments that this is about class war since all the 'working class' blood sports were banned years ago. Gosh the protesters were out on the streets compaigning for the human right to watch dog fights then weren't they?!?! Erm...

quite enjoyed the outrage when some toffs get on the wrong end of truncheon. Think the Mail had other things to say when it was students, gays or proles.

Set Ken Livingstone loose, hunt him down and rip him leisurely to shreds. I'd push the dogs aside and do that bit myself!
Honestly. Fox hunting. Practised by three men and a dog (OK, three dogs and a man). Could have sworn there were other, ever so slightly more pressing issues to worry about.

I think we should outlaw all unpopular and unpleasant things. I mean why should we allow Morris Dancing? It is a national embarrassment! And what about American Football? We must ban that too. Why should be allow people to play imported games when we have our own good English sports? Parachuting is also an insane sport. Ban that! Dog racing! Horse racing! Why exploit animals like that just because some people like it? Strip clubs! Ban 'em! Pubs! Outrageous places that intoxicate people and are the venue for fights and puking! Horrid! Ban them! In fact, the sooner all social activities are regulated and subjected to democratic political approval, the better! All this allowing people free association to do what they want on private property must be stopped! After all, if we find it distasteful, why should we not vote to ban other people doing it? That is what democracy is all about, right? In fact, we should also ban gays from getting together in gay clubs because face it, most people find what they get up to as 'icky' as fox hunting. And mixed race marriages! Lots of people do not like the idea of that! Let's ban them too! The fun just never stops, does it?

Although, Perry, none of the 'icky' things you've mentioned above actually involve killing something. Not deliberately anyway.

Quite so, silly me! So lets ban plastic wrapped chicken portions, bacon and hamburgers too! After all, we are not outlawing 'icky things' because other people enjoy them and we cannot understand why because we don't, right?...No, of course not! We are not intolerant neo-Puritans! Heavens no! We are doing it because it involves killing something deliberately! After all, I doubt those chickens, pigs and cows died by accident

I doubt that any of those chickens, pigs and cows died by being ripped to shreds by a pack of hounds after a long cross-country chase, though. Wouldn't have been much of them left to eat afterwards if they had.

Although it's an idea. Fast food foxburger restaurants in the countryside. I should have added that to my list. McTally Ho!

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