please empty your brain below

First come, first served?

Please can I come, pretty please.

I'd love to but I'll be zooming up the M6 towards the Lake District at the time.


I'd love to come, but have a mate arriving to recuperate from illnesses and can't get to London that weekend.

I'd love to but I'm working at MY Open House that Saturday.

So some lucky sod is going to go to a secret place AND meet you...

Bugger it! I'm working Saturday, otherwise I'd try bribing you...

'A date with Diamond Geezer in a secret bunker in Neasden'

That has a certain ring to it - could be a book title..
Can't make it sadly - I'm grooming my Security Gerbils

I don't have any sensible footwear. It is the bane of my life.

(Unless, of course, it's the bain of my life. Not sure about the spelling.)

I'm free, but I don't like dark underground places with rats and I'd hate to deprive someone of the chance to join the members of the exclusive 'I've actually met DG' club (T-shirts available next week...)

Well, I have been planning on going to some Open House events with a friend for ages and my friend has just e-mailed me to say she can't make it. So a trip to a secret bunker sounds most appealing.

I use the Jubilee line every day, work for the government (but not in a secret bit) and want to attend some Open House events. Does that qualify me?

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