please empty your brain below

And don't forget that Smoke #4 goes on sale today.

dg writes: Today?! Sigh, why did I waste my time in bookshops yesterday when I could have done that today instead?

Yes you most certainly are missing out. Hie thee to a publisher this instant young man!

dg writes: yes, but hie to a publisher with what, exactly? These things need some great overarching theme. Hmmm, which one to pick?

Yes - this

dg writes: but that's just an old website I used to read and enjoy, lifted word for word and printed in a book that looks like a sure-fire Christmas hit. Ah, I get your point...

Cheers muchly for the plug DG - very pleased to hear that Foyles have a stack of them - other shops only seem to have a handful.

dg writes:They were in a pile in a very prominent position. Right next to last year's 'Crap Towns' book, and sharing the display with the equally new (and classic) 'Roundabouts of Great Britain'.

And I must echo Peter's comments you've definitely got more than enough material for an excellent book.

I can't afford books. And don't ask me to go to the library, because who do you think gave them all my old ones?

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