please empty your brain below

Great series....Seems a bit hard to make your audience wait until next August untill the follow up though.

If you want, you could do the street where I live. Or where I work.

Or, on second thoughts, possibly neither. Yes, I think that's probably best.

Fascinating series, though. Bravo.

Nice one DG.
If it's Slough next year can you give us plenty of warning so we can book holidays / get supplies in etc?

Excellent feature DG..... I suspect the street upon which I work would yield slightly less of interest. But maybe I should have a dig about...

Round of applause to you Diamond Geezer for such a thorough treatment of such a great place. As ever: looking forward to the next one!

please can we have some sex, drugs and rock and roll? local history/geography really does s u c k .

My favourite of your London series to date, DG - really excellent, fascinating stuff. (I learnt all sorts of things!)

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