please empty your brain below

How about a table against GDP and is all about money nowadays isn'it?

Great idea - but I may leave that until 2008, if you don't mind.

Fair enough :D

Hoorah for Australia!

(and maybe money poured into athlete training and development should be factored into the equation for 2008 too)

Perhaps countries who develop and supply banned substances could have their own league table.

A coversation at The Coven during the closing ceremony last night went like this:

BW: Those medal tables are all very well, but it would be much fairer if they did it on medals against a corrected comparative population wouldn't it?

Mr BW: There's only one person I know who could work that out...

But, I think you should do it to include silvers and bronzes too.

I did think about silvers and bronzes, but how many bronze medals are equivalent to a silver, or to a gold? All too subjective.

But it would knock China even further down the table - however did they manage to win so many golds and relatively few silvers and bronzes?

Meta-Roj has a GDP per medal table, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics have also produced a medals per population table.

Sigh - there's no such thing as a new idea these days, is there? Still, at least the Australian Bureau of Statistics and I agree about the new top 10.

Dangnammit, Australia still beat NZ.

Your alternative medal table is MUCH better.

It seemed as if GB came fourth more times than any other country...

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