please empty your brain below

Perhaps if you published your mobile phone number on here you would have many keen participants in what could turn out to be the most thorough soak test the K700i has ever had!

oooh I've read reviews saying it's a good 'un. but is it? how good are the pictures it takes? keep us updated with your product tests...

"K700i?", I thought and went and had a look at the link. Good Grief! The T630 has been out for less than a year and *this* is it's replacement already?
Now that's what I call a short product life.

When I bought my T68, that was replaced by the altogether-better T68i within a few months. I'm determined not to get caught out this time (probably will be though...)

I think all I want to know is:
is it 632 gizmidgets better than your old phone?

If my mobile would only return from the menders where it's had to go after just 8 months I'd happily oblige. The loan phone I have is totally unusable, so, much as I'd love to oblige, I can't...

Now do you understand why my phone croaks rather than makes a sensible noise when text messages arrive?

Most annoying thing so far is that they've swapped over the buttons for 'space' and 'full stop' so I keep typing my text messages incorrectly. Best thing so far is the FM radio - even though portable radios are hardly a new innovation.

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