please empty your brain below

Having followed most of your links, I now realise that I MUST visit this place before it's too late.

After reading the interview with Lorenzo, I now have a new goal in life: to be a perfectly preserved anachronism. Right now, I can think of nothing finer.

I had a favourite cafe in the general area - the Lido Cafe on John Princes Street at Oxford Circus. Unfortunately it's been closed for redevelopment, and I don't know what the result will be. Proper cafes are becoming increasingly hard to find, I must say. Damn shame.

Silbury Hill? I'm intrigued - at first I thought it was typo and you meant Salsbury Hill - vaguely remembering a Peter Gabriel song by the same name - the tune to which I now have on my brain!
Until your closing statement that is - which has got me humming Joni Mitchell now ....

dg writes: Silbury Hill - sponge-pudding-shaped prehistoric earthwork in Wiltshire

The corner shop analogy in the Asian community comment in the Guardian article is so depressing. The comment from Mike conveys an intention that is quite compelling: places like these are rapidly disappearing - and it's sad.

"With only a few days of my time in Piccadilly remaining" - what did you mean by this? Are you relocating? (Apologies if I missed something from a previous posting)

dg writes: maybe you missed August 1st, but more on this next week...

I used to work near there when I was a junior at an ad agency. All us poorly paid gimps spread our hard earned pennies between the New Piccadilly, Pollo Bar and the Stockpot. I think the Stockpot has gone now, hasn't it?

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