please empty your brain below

Never mind DG, maybe it'll rain!

Thank goodness for Rice Crispies.

Bon Appetite!

number 10. have you met me and mrs spellcnut?
*licks lips*

Burger King seem to do a good job of it. Also saves on buying syrup of figs...

Couldn't agree with you more.

Depends who is doing the cooking.

Most people in the UK have only known about BBQs since the mid ninties. When my dad (a colonial who has bbq'd all his life) first started bbqing over here it was a nightmare to get charcoal (we used to have to use logs as nature intended) and the neighbours used to have a right go.

I've been taught since I was this *indicates* high how to cook outdoors and acording to all my victims, am quite good at it.

Since bbqs are new here, people are shite at them. How much brainpower it takes to realise that you cook over coals not flames seems to be a bit beyond some people! I blame burger king's flame grilled whopper.

I do sympathise tho, when I go to a bbq, I've learnt that it pays to take charge so that I can guaratee hygine and cookedness.

Ignore me, I'm just feeling sorry for myself! One handed typing is not easy.

Ahhhh, the whole truth about grilled garden fodder.the only good thing at these events is the beer.

Tilesey has a point. If you let a colonial take charge you will get some fine food. Of course, I'm biased because I'm a bloke who does all the cooking at home and who holds a passport for a much warmer country

since when do you sprinkle your 'cuisine' with a selection of seasonings, oils and herbs geezer? legend has it that your favourite 'dish' is wotsits and ketchup.

What annoys me is that people can't spell barbecue and insist on Bar-b-que or some other awful version.

christ, you've been out of luck, haven't you ? i long for summer and it's barbeques simply because that is one way of cooking that i can cope with, be you a vegan, vegetarian or carnivore.

as long as 'gas' barbecues aren't involved, i'm a very happy bunny

I was supposed to be going to a bbq tonight - therefore didn't have any dinner before I went...only to find there was no bloody bbq there!! What kind of bbq party doesn't have a frickin' bbq!!! Landed up with potato salad and some pasta shite - joy....

My uncle, who lives in Norfolk, maintains that the whole idea of barbeques in England never existed before the rise of Neighbours, due to the climate and the populace and so on...

I've gone right off you Mr Geezer. I don't think that an Australian can read a weblog of a non-BBQing person without some sort crisis.

Which reminds me, if anyone is near London Fields in Hackney and someone is making too much smoke with their BBQ in about an hour, shut up, I will be finished soon.

I have only really annoyed people once with my BBQ, I got one of those disposable ones from Tesco and tried it on the hob with the exhaust hood taking the smoke outside. Take my word for it, it doesn't work and the firemen aren't impressed.

Oh yeah, I was in a second floor flat.

uncle hunty

ya poooore bloody sods... yer all invited to Arizona (desertland... Magzworld) USA to experience firsthand what real cookin is... (ideally, ya hunt it down and shoot it first) Thanx fer entertainin me with yer poor, pity-full tales...

Not to mention people and their cameras.

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