please empty your brain below

Blue Moons are symbolic for Blue Witches.

Strange things happen at Covens when there are Blue Moons

Ooo err!

I think the history of this current meaning is fascinating - a classic case of folk etymology. And a good example of how easy it can be to get a plausible meaning to become the generally accepted one through use of the media.

Some folks will believe anything.

I wonder if, in keeping with a long line of celestial phenomena, the weather in the UK will be cloudy and we will not be able to witness it?

Is there such a thing as a "PINK & BLUE" moon....
In case you're 'n' blue are the club colours of Dulwich Hamlet Football Club!

Should go very well with Bow Road Station.

I bet George W. Bush is seeing Blue Moons too.

that reminds me - when are we watching american werewolf in london again? i can bring mcdonalds for authenticity. or peter's pies for that matter.

Your words to Blue Moon are incorrect for The Marcels is not a dang a dang or bom bom........sincerely, Fred Johnson, Mr. Blue Moon Bassman, The original founder of The Marcels. Pittsburgh, Pa Thank you.

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