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Oooooooooooohhhh... obsessive.

Ah, blue, just my shade

When I first looked at that, I thought my browser was playing up and displaying the code rather than whatever the image was meant to be... I hasten to add that I only glanced at it, at first.

Uh-oh... He's finally lost it completely, folks! Now what am I going to read in the morning?

Another year? My God, at the rate it's progressing at the moment you'll be in a padded cell long before then.

today, you scare me.

Bloody hell.

Did I just read all of that? Am trapped in some bizarre dream?

Is it some exotic new form of torture?

Am I being prepared for being a Mancurian Candidate?

There must be a simple explanation. Ah. I've got it. I'm in a coma. I'll recover soon, with expert medical help.

You've got a point there, DG. Who has shares in sign manufacturers, I'd like to know? And does anyone from TfL read this page? They should be held to account. At least there are some nice long walls to line them up against...


My first, and extremely flippant remark would be that you should perhaps consider getting out more... but if the tube station is that bad, I can see why you don't/can't

Superb stuff. Any chance you could document in detail the Kings Cross redevelopment?

Blog history is the new oral history, etc.

struggles to remove arm from straightjacket

I would, honest, rather have written a post about all the station improvements at Bow Road over the last six months. But, alas, it seems that public money has been frittered away on 200 utterly pointless signs instead. Point made.

I'm sure you must have a reader with access to Ken

Friday 30th July
The five planks comprising the lower platform on the scaffolding beside the passenger bridge have been covered over by larger sheets of wood.

Kings Cross Redevelopment:

Hilarity ensues for everyone (but particularly for the various blind and/or partially sighted staff and visitors to the nearby RNIB premises) as walkways and pedestrian crossings are changed without warning on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis.

Saturday 31st July
The larger sheets of wood have been removed, leaving the five planks visible again.

Sunday 1st August
Rode past at 3am - no sign of any overnight activity whatsoever.
Rode through at 10:30pm - no sign of any overnight activity whatsoever.

Monday 2nd August
The small wooden block that used to be lying on the second of the five scaffolding planks has disappeared.

Tuesday 3rd August
The scaffolding on the passenger bridge has linked up with the scaffolding on the front of the station.

Wednesday 4th August
More metal 'stirrups' have appeared, approximately four hanging from each of the brick arches above the western end of the westbound platform.

Thursday 5th August
Metal 'stirrups' have also appeared above the western end of the eastbound platform, hanging from almost all of the brick arches.

Friday 6th August
Long grey metal boxes have been threaded through the stirrups on the westbound and eastbound platforms. The boxes are thin but wide, and are probably designed to carry cabling of some sort.

Saturday 7th August
I rode through the closed station just after midnight. Three staff were standing on the eastbound platform but they weren't actually doing anything.

Sunday 8th August
I rode past the closed station at dawn. Nothing doing.

I rode through the closed station around 11pm. The door in the longest blue wall on the eastbound platform was open and some scaffolding was visible behind.

Monday 9th August
The grey cabling boxes run parallel to the old wooden blocks that currently support the fluorescent tubes that light the platforms.

Tuesday 10th August
The grey cabling boxes are joined by small metal strips held fixed by small nuts.

Wednesday 11th August
The metal stirrups and grey cabling boxes now reach all the way along the arched roof on the eastbound platform.

Thursday 12th August
The bottom layer of scaffolding across the passenger bridge has now been covered by flame retardant white sheeting. This safety measure has the very annoying side-effect of completely blocking travellers' views of the trains and platforms below.

Friday 13th August
A new sign has been erected on the blue wall on the pavement to the right of the station entrance. The "Green for GO" sign announces that Metronet is ready to transform the station. About time too.

Saturday 14th August
Two of the bulbs in the lamps on the blue wall on the pavement to the right of the station entrance have stopped working.

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