please empty your brain below

S) One......

We are doing them in order aren't we?

P) Eleven

J) twelve ?

dg writes: yes - anagram & literal

R - Seven

T) Nine

dg writes: no, not nine

B) Ten

F) Three

I) nine

A) Fourteen

dg writes: that's my favourite clue,
because the A14 is indeed a 'Fen route'

T - Nineteen

C - sixteen

C) Sixteen?

oops, too slow

E - six

M - Twenty

H) five

N) eighteen

Q = eight

D) Two

There's a Star Wars gag in there somewhere.

Still to be guessed: G, K, L, O
Still to be matched: 4, 13, 15, 17

G: Thirteen

K = four

K: four

O = seventeen

I can't believe I didn't get A14, despite living a few miles from it for the past seven years!

Still, I did like the clue to the one remaining one I did get:

O) Seventeen

...and one more?

Q 12

well by logicial deduction L = 15, but I'm poo at these things and i can't see how.

All present and correct.
Answers as follows:

A) fourteen (anagram)
B) ten (reverse)
C) sixteen (anagram)
D) two (hidden word)
E) six (reverse + x)
F) three (anagram)
G) thirteen (anagram)
H) five (IV in Fe)
I) nine (reverse)
J) twelve (anagram & literal)
K) four (hidden word)
L) fifteen (anagram - C)
M) twenty (hidden word)
N) eighteen (anagram)
O) seventeen ('event' in 'seen')
P) eleven (eleve + N)
Q) eight (height - H)
R) seven (E in Sven)
S) one (reverse)
T) nineteen (anagram, including 3 NE's)

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