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Saw the Streets on the telly the other day. We will continue to have to agree to disagree on that one.

That 80's top 10 is a bit of a corker! Beats the crap out of probably all the top 10's since...since...July 1984?

I didn't get them either, but incessant loud replays from Teenager of this and and the excellent "Your Fit and you know it" have convinced me that Skinners stuff does have merit. Of course the fact that I like it now means it is immediately uncool and passe.

Best band around at the moment ...the sublime Franz Ferdinand


Showing my age but July '64 was the one for me.

Boo the Streets, hurrah the Franz - although they need more songs for their live shows and SOON.

That 80s top 10 is absolutely sensational...

Wait! Satellite of Love is in the top 10 in England?!?!? How did this happen? Oh, no - has it been used in an ad or something... Sacrilicious!

Or have the kids in the UK suddenly & spontanously realized the GENIUS that is Lou Reed?

An 'I heart the 80's' lovefest! I too am a child of the 80's and what a fantastic top 10 that was!

I loved Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Those two tracks heralded the making of the 12" single. And remember the climate back then? Ronnie was just gagging to push the button, so we were doing just about anything you could fit into the four-minute warning (you can do it twice, the girls would quip) - and that was our soundtrack.

Did I ever mention I was at school with Trevor Horn? (But still that 64 is most stunning.) I'd never realised that.

Culture reflects politics and all that...

Controversial '84, PM... The Witch

Bland '94, PM... Dear John

Geezertastic '04, PM... Alright Tone!

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