please empty your brain below

I think it was the house next door which was owned by Pete Townshend and was where he made demos for a lot of the Who songs.

Oh and talking of Twinings, Dial House just round the corner was owned and/or built by the Twinings. It's now the vicarage for the church next door.

The museum premises were, when I was a child in the 1950s a sweet shop.

I used to go and watch Cockles the Diver at the weekends. He would sit on the bottom of the river breathing via air from a stirrup pump worked by 2 volunteers. He would let a few fireworks off from under the river.

The Barmy Arms was at one time called The Queens Head, and the Kings Head used to be further along the Embankment at Water lane. The Kings Head was demolished many years ago.

Eel Pie Island of old had the Eel Pie Hotel, where I used to go and watch the Rolling Stones, Screaming Lord Sutch etc. There were also some tea/ice cream gardens facing the opposite bank of the Thames. Access was by a chain ferry, before the bridge was built.

I haven't visited this museum, and it sounds like I've not missed much. But I have a soft spot for Twickenham. It's great for a charity shop crawl, it has a lovely green and, of course, it has Eel Pie Island.

my home town, hope you enjoy'd the visit !

Thanks Diamond
Despite being a Twickenham resident, I didn't know about the Museum's website, and yes, it is rather good (although poorly written in parts).

I hope you have a more interesting trip when we finally get chosen as your mystery London borough (and when you do it, don't go spending all your time in the posh part over the other side of the river).

Twickenham Museum is a nice place to visit. I have visited more than once, and never bored.

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