please empty your brain below

I still start at the back - force of habit.

Presumably thats the Grouse shooting season?

Champions League qualifying starts tonight! What's that all about?

Dulwich Hamlet are at home to a top European side in a pre-season on Thursday. Well, Millwall anyway.

Test matches still sell out but I agree, they hardly grip the NATION. Twenty20 has surprised me during this second summer. I thought (and hoped) it was just a fad.

Basically we're a nation of flag wavers. All it takes is one prestigous gold in Athens and all will be well in Blighty once again.

That's dead thoughtful of you to link the Second Division-as-was, poor old Leeds's new home for a long time to come. Prophetic of where the Arsenal might end up? You can come and beat us 5-0 again...

Yes all the transfer talk is so boring isn't it? Until of course Newcastle sign Patrick 'big Pat' Kluivert, when it all becomes very interesting indeed, at least for me.

Anyway, you want summer sporting action? Well in the absence of anything worthwhile to watch I've invented me own sport, which is set to take the nation by storm. It goes by the catchy name of 'Tynemouth Cullercoats Whitley Bay', and...well you can read about it on crinklybee (go on!)...

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