please empty your brain below

Nooooooo! Piccolo AND The New Piccadilly? I'm bereft. Of course I haven't been for years, as I'm currently trapped in an unsavoury part of London, but still.

On a coffee related note, I notice the last time I visited my E3 lair and walked past the yellow bridge, a coffee shop had set up. With outdoor tables specially so customers can add a little eau de Mile End junction to their java.

Not for me thanks - I'm trying to get fit for all that s***t.

i have such fond memories of the new piccadilly. i enjoyed many a ham sarny in there in the 80's while waiting to see a movie at that little cinema on piccadilly circus. it's not there now, i think it's a gap. i used to meet deborah bunker in the new piccadilly for spag boll on sunday afternoons. she lived in kent and i lived in fulham. the waiters wore white overcoats i remember. must visit again before it disappears.

Does the Eastenders caff make it on the show?

According to the programme, the New Piccadilly will be closing soon too. End of an era.

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