please empty your brain below

in that case it's me.

what do i win ?

Good try, but I'm not on the train yet and we're still 55 short. It'll be nearer noon at this rate. Or next Thursday if my tracker keeps undercounting like this.

It's me!

Er no, we've still got 49 visitors to go. Patience!

Can you send me a message when you leave the house? Then it will be me

no, it's me!

Me, me, me!!

Feels like a game anyone can play.





100000's been and gone while I was up in Yorkshire, and it was almost certainly none of you, but zed and Chz were probably closest.

No, it was me. Definitely.

I just didn't leave a comment when I stopped by the time I was 100,000

And I can confirm that Extreme are definitely playing up.

But yours is doing it more than mine.

do i get a trophy ?

So, I may have been dining at a truckstop beside a Yorkshire motorway at the time, but I'm told that visitor 100000 arrived sometime between 1pm and 2pm. I have absolutely no way to work out exactly who it was, and if you claim you know I shan't believe you either.

'Official' tracker: 167 hits today.
More reliable tracker: 367 hits today.
What is going on?


The spell I do to make sure I always get the big numbers on people's blogs... well... I had to do a super powered version as it's harder on a high-traffic site... and... and... I'm, *trying* to undo it, but I've lots of spells on the go and the magic dilutes then...

Sorry DG, really I am.

"it was almost certainly none of you, but zed and Chz were probably closest"


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