please empty your brain below

...and Thank You for having us. It's a true daily joy. C xx

You're welcome.

Why are Londoners so down on the Evening Standard, by the way? I find it quite a good read myself. The Metro supplement on Thursdays I don't bother with, but I quite like the Friday magazine.

oh- and the property supplement probably would depress me if I read it - so I don't.

The Evening Standard has its moments, but it's clearly aimed at female Daily-Mail-reading Putney socialites and has far too many 'lifestyle' and 'posh celebrity' features for my liking. The Friday magazine is the worst of the lot, full of bland upmarket aspirational drivel, and I usually chuck mine away unread. If only London had another evening paper I'd switch over like a shot. Which is what the editor should be.

A great site, dg. (I got here months ago now, via vaughan, whom I found from frizzy logic, whom I found from alembic in the US, whom I found from a now defunct site in Canada, which I found from another site in Canada when googling...)

Funny how these things work. Any idea of the geographical spread of your readers, BTW? You aren't tempted to put up some flags are you?

dg writes: Geographical spread data here.
And flags, ah those lovely flags, they're here.

great blog and it's a joy to come here. shutting you up will be difficult though - you always have so much to say

Woa! I'm 59- that's amazing (it also reminds me that I need to relink you).

It would more except I now read your blog through your atom feed.

Although it's been screwy of late- you really need to sort it out!

dg writes: As far as I was concerned my Atom feed was still stuck in February. However I've given it a kick and it now appears to be working properly...

The Standard - not actually a LONDON paper; it's written by people who live out in the suburbs FOR people who live out in the suburbs.

There's more interest in the openng of a new Kensington restaurant than a local community centre closing down.

Plus being a Daily Mail clone doesn't help.

Well congratz, first off. Seems I'm part of a very low portion of your readers. You know, the "American, Bisexual, 30-something, single" contingent. Scary how few of us there seem to be here. It was your posts about time that first hooked me. Now you are an addiction.

Yes - congratulations.

I'm not sure how I first got to your pages DG but I know for a long time you have been one of my first morning visits of the day - can always depend upon you having posted something just in time for my daily startup. There's nothing more enjoyable that reading Diamond Geezer with my first cup of tea of the day! And as Anne said above - there is an addictive quality - I think it's a unique combination of the great writing style, the humour, the geekyness of some of the topics (or actually the way that you take something really non-geeky but add a geeky dimension to it) - but most of all - the sense of pride in all things London.

Well done - and may you continue to chart the things around us for a long time to come!

i found my way here from plep by mistake.

but what a mistake. I love your site.

Well done, Geezer.

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