please empty your brain below

Have to agree - it also adds in P tags where they aren't wanted and... do u get the feeling this was done 'because they could' rather than 'because they should'?

I think that posting by email is probably the way to go, although I'm still experimenting with the settings. Sending an HTML email tends to add a lot of unnecessary tags and plain text wordwraps in the wrong place no matter what I set the wrap point to.

Movable Type DG?

continues to sit in corner and sob

*hands DG a hankie*

OK, looks like my weekend now consists of moving everything over to WordPress.


Hmm.... I'm not seeing the new options.

Perhaps it's a staged rollout?

dg writes: Mac users are promised an update later

If I remember right, you once mention that you don't like Frequency... New version - perhaps it's improved?

(I am not connected with the firm, just came across the link...)

Write your own CMS, you know it makes sense ;D

That sounds positively evil *shudder*

Blue Witch offers a good solution - time to upgrade to MT perhaps ...

Oh, and there was me thinking it was quite a nice improvement!

Different strokes I suppose.

The interface is horrible, but at least it's moving towards complete CSS compliance. If you're rolling your own style sheets and stuffing them into the template, it makes some strange sort of sense.

Of course, I haven't been bothered to roll my own code since I gave up web dev work four years ago. So I hate it.

Gaaaah. It's a nightmare.


Though some of it's tags have gone a bit silly (though still work ok - just seems to be adding spaces).

You can still use the good old <B> </B> tags. As shown in my "Silly blogger test" post.


i use bloggar which saves a lot of time and trouble.

It's shite - it took me forever to make an entry this morning - the blank lines and spaces and extra paragraphs are also a nightmare - why didn't they just leave well alone.

Sorry random comment....just wondering whether you'd been here :

Thank god for the Mac. I hope they sort this shite before they launch it on us. I like simple tags.

MT or Wordpress is the way to go :D

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