please empty your brain below

.... and I, live by the river....

thanks, that's my day raised :D

Wow, I'd be riverside. Result.

Someone needs to take action and fast. Perhaps set up a climate change agency who would over see making Greater London a low emission zone - where only buses, trucks, vans and taxis with more efficient engines can drive. And extend the congestion charge zone! The current congestion charging zone has been highly successful, already reducing CO2 emissions in the zone by 19\\%. Ahhh, smell that sweeter air. Could even go as far as introducing grants for the private sector to remove their dirty old boilers from hospitals and sites, promote energy efficiency in new buildings and other incentives for distributed energy, particularly where it can be powered by renewable sources.

Cooo...I should work in politiks.

i love the thought of scuba diving to tesco.

I think Ken Livingstone has missed a trick with his efforts to improve Trafalger Square. If he wants it to rank as one of the best squares in the world then, rather than playing around with the traffic flow and such, he should encourage us to pump out even more carbon dioxide and raise the level of the Thames so it laps at the edge of it!

Then it would be a truly great sight.

London underwater, I wonder what would happen? Would Birmingham become the capital? Or maybe you'd all finally come to your senses and move to Scotland!

Right...time to start buying up those new waterfront properties...

Actually, if you convince all the city people (with loads of money and property in the flood zone) that it could happen, then they might have a word with their governmental chums? How much has the Swiss Re building cost? How about the whole of docklands? I suspect more than a few companies would go bankrupt over the whole deal.

On a more serious note - what about the flood barriers? Wouldn't they 'save' the city but flood out the whole of East London?

I can imagine the cry of the bankers, "Save the money - flood the scrotes!"

One of the few benefits of being able to swim, and living in a fifth floor block of flats...

All I need is a fishing rod.

London - Venice of the North? Gondolas on The Mall, Trafalgar Square flooding every winter and weary commuters crossing on wooden planks, summer trips out to the Lido di Blackheath, a causeway leading down Edgware Road, and a new Rialto bridge built over Regent's Street.

Funny though I like the idea of Leyton being near "The venice of the North", however you may be forgetting the comments regarding the last few scorching summers whihc were also seen as harbingers of a global weather meltdown bringing "vinyards in Scotland", oh my god we are all going to die!!!!!

I love the fact that our disaster agency is called "UK Resilience" (cf one of your links). So much more dignified and unfascist than "Department of Homeland Security". Brings to mind stiff upper lips, NAAFI tea, the Blitz spirit and so on. "Poor show, the capital appears to be under water. Still, let's not let that spoil our day."

I'ts cold and wet here at the top of south west France too

August'll be warm. I know these things.

It's an even-numbered year, so of course we get a shit summer. Happened in 1998, 2000 and 2002 where all the odds were belters.

tries not to say 1976...


But did it actually rain in London?
It didn't here.

I got wet this morning. That'll do me.

I'm not sure that having a bath counts...

St Swithin's Day: wet
day 1: wet
day 2: wet
day 3: wet
day 4: dry
day 5: wet
day 6: wet
day 7: wet
day 8: wet

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