please empty your brain below

Just one town each please.
Une ville seulement, s'il vous plait.

1a) Paris

6a) Le Havre (leaving the easier one)

1b) Grenoble

2b) Bordeaux

10b) Clermont Ferrand

6b) Marseille

7b) Avignon

Et y aura-t-il des feux d'artifice ce soir, comme en France ?

BW aime les feux d'artifice

2a) Lyon.

I have no pride, I'll go for the easy one.

Bastille Day! Now's the chance for our brave lads in the RAF to drop twenty tons of top quality British soap on central Paris.

7a - Bayonne

10a - Brest

All of clues 1, 2, 6, 7 and 10 have been guessed.

All of clues 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9 have still to be guessed.

3a Amiens.

My one claim to fame, standing next to Jean Michel Jarre when he did his first concert in Paris on 14th July 1979.

9b Strasbourg

3B Lourdes

9a Montpellier

8b) Cherbourg (surely I'm not the only person here who played Rescue Raiders on the Apple ][)

8a) Boulogne

5a St Malo

Ou sont mes feux d'artifices?

4a Orleans

5b St Etienne

4b - limoges

C'est toutes les réponses.

1] Paris, Grenoble
2] Lyon, Bordeaux
3] Amiens, Lourdes
4] Orleans, Limoges
5] St Malo, St Etienne
6] Le Havre, Marseille
7] Bayonne, Avignon
8] Boulogne, Cherbourg
9] Montpellier, Strasbourg
10] Brest, Clermont-Ferrand

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