please empty your brain below

I'm already spelling on Solution to Risk 10

Why do I get the feeling that the solution to number 7 isn't as tongue-in-cheek as the rest? It sounds like the ridiculous sort of thing this government would actually do.

Solution #4 - Don't tempt me!

Risk 5: I saw a documentary (on BBC2?) about the Gunpowder Plot. It seems the plotters were a right bunch of bunglers and kept making schoolboy errors like absent-mindedly telling every second catholic in London about their plans (even some who weren't really very catholic and quite liked the old King really) and having Guy Fawkes hanging about in the commons cellars in the months leading to November 5, trying to act nonchalantly while standing next to a great big pile of gunpowder. And then despite having had months to think of a convincing story to tell the guards, when he was caught he could only come up with 'Oh I'm a servant, and my name's John, er, John Johnson'. And then the plotters realised the game was up and ran away to Shopshire where they laid their gunpowder out in front of the fire to see if it would dry out a bit, and of course it did, blowing them all up in the process.

Inspiring stuff for future plotters worldwide- now of course your modern-day super-professional Western intelligence services would have no problem rumbling this sort of amateurish effort at terrorism..... wouldn't they?

Oh god, please, please can we do Solution 2?

The solution is to replace the the houses of parliament with a giant bouncy castle and make everyone take their shoes off before they enter.

Noooooooo, poor West Ruislip!

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