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Oh I am so with you on the Lolly Gobble Choc Bomb. Finest frozen delight ever invented.... I still ask for it in vain whenever someone is buying icey confectionery.

Fabs were definitely advertised using Lady Penelope, but I'm not sure whether they were named after her car. I wasn't allowed a Fab as my mother thought they were just for little girls. She didn't let me have an Oyster either for some reason.

My main memory of lolly sticks in the 70's is of always ending up revealing the first line of the joke with the last moutfhful, as the stick always seemed to have been put in the wrong way round with the punchline showing.

i used to love zooms - weren't there ice lollies called 'rocket', too ?

Count Draculas.
Blackcurrant with congealed blood inside.

It's always amused me how marvellously the ice cream manaufacturers have obscured the fact that their products contain whipped pig fat under the guise of non-milk fat solids. Walls making ice cream and pork sausages is no coincidence. Never wondered why their bacon has no rind?

Oh gosh - thanks Pat, now I feel sick at the thought of all the Walls Ice Cream I used to consume as a child. Probably explains my bout of adolescent obesity.

Why did we eat the Haunted House one? Was it just for the strange pictures on them (which you couldn't really see what they were? I ate them by the load....but they actually tasted like old used bandages!

cider lollies were the dogs wassernames when I was a liddle fella.

can you still get jubblies, or is it a totaly different meaning these days?

Walls was fab - 100\\% lard in the shape of a brick, placed in that off rectangular-mouthed cone. Oddly enough, in Australia Walls is known as Streets.
Orange Fruities (sp?) were my fave - loved them. The progression of ice cream into the UK follows my childhood (and yours) exactly - how impressed we were when the first Dayville's opened. And then this fancy 'American' ice cream started appearing in great tubs in the freezer at Waitrose, so we were all over that too - and finally, the giants, summed up today by Baskin-Robbins, who still do a quality cone even in the winter.
And one thing endures unchanged (except the price) - Juuust One Cornetto.... give it to meeee....

A few questions...

1. Is there a website out there with the old lolly stick jokes on it? There should be... for my 3 year old...

2. Whatever happened to the Lemonade Sparkle? That was the most refreshing lolly going. And only 10p.

3. The Lyons Maid children sign. I always remember it as the "street furniture" swinging and squeaking in the wind. Did they all get stolen by drunken yobs? You don't see them now, just those horrible large "99" cone things...

4. Finally, what about Ice Cream vans? At least their dodgy chimes, or 'tunes' have stayed they same...

Lemonade Sparkles - I'd forgotten about those...

There was a piece on Home Truths a while back about a father who told his son that when the ice cream man played the tune it meant that he had run out of ice cream.

You're forgetting Mr. Men lollies!

Am I the only one who remembers Dayville's Snowdrop Ice Cream? It was green in colour but I think it had pineapple, marshmallow and banana-
yum it was great. I wish I could find the recipe...

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