please empty your brain below

hey babe, shouldn't you be working?

'Working at home' is a very special sort of working. You waste no time travelling, get an awful lot done and drink more cups of tea than usual.

*more* cups of tea??! you fitting a catheter?

it was lovely to have you come and pop by - next time i'll have a cuppa waiting for you. milk and sugar ?

I could get used to all this tea and sympathy.

There's just one problem.
One doesn't get a whole lot of work done if one spends one's time in this way...

Not that I know anything about that. Oh no.

but this IS work surely?

Weird. I was thinking the same this morning, leaving hardly any traces of my blogreading and wanting to amend it.

Must be a working from home thing.

Not only am I *thrilled* to be first - I'm equally thrilled to discover that several of your comments are about me and my hyphen. What an excellent topic of conversation, to be sure...

Do you know how difficult it is writing 100 different comments when everyone seems to be going on about your new hyphen?

I'm not going hyphenated here, by the way.

I've just realised that by doing this I am commenting on someone commenting on my comments. Any comments?

Thanks for stopping by. I do think you're being a bit hard on yourself wanting to leave 100 comments; that's an awful lot of blogging even for a blogging addict!

Just think, you're getting paid to do this. I should try this "working at home" thing.

but you live on a good bendy-bus route into town! why are you at home? and how many creme eggs are left? didn't you roller-blade to work during the last tube strike? *remembers seeing flash of mauve
leg-warmer and lycra shorts zipping past motorbike on Whitechapel during last strike*

...what would be interesting to see - how many people "return the comment" and if you get 100 comments to this post :^)...
...good luck...

Not doing bad for returned comments so far, thanks billy.

And dave, I live on a bendy bus route, not a 'good bendy bus route'. They're packed full like sardines out there they are.

mmmmm sardines! thankyou!
*plans tea of tinned sardines on toast*

Well, I'm impressed. If only I had thought of that when I worked from home today rather than my usual "Why aren't any of the normal buggers I read updating more regularly!"

I was just popping by to ask if this hyphen things was the new black, and if we should all be getting one, but you answered the question a few comments up, so I won't.

There are something like 2 or 3 million blogs out there. How much time do you have?

Your Pal

Probably you're not being helped by YACCS being broken.

I'm stopping at 100, honest.
I might even have finished by now if YACCS was up and running.

That's a lot for someone working at home, are you getting any work done?
I know the feeling only too well...

I didn't even know there 100 blogs out there.

The music outside has stopped, so I've put my own on, some KISS.

I couldn't possibly comment.

I feel honoured to be so far up the list at number 60.

Oh and yes, I would recommend that you really should visit Northumberland sometime. I was pleasently surprised by my first visit.

Ah, that explains it! I've just made up a Ceylon/Red label blend, the pot is warming, the kettle's on and the flapjacks are due out of the oven in about 5 minutes.

Cheers, don't mind if I do. Flapjacks too you say? Must work from home more often.

YACCS isn't actaully broken.... they tell me..... It's just that someone with an IP address that many of us use in the SE of Engerland is running a script that overloaded there server. SO they've blocked us until the script is stopped.

Well, that's what they told me.

And I can see YACCS if I use a different ISP.

Well I'm impressed.

I can't even think of anything to say on my own blog at the moment.

An honour indeed, and in at 64. I can hardly wait to tell Teenager, she'll be so thrilled. For this, irrespective of age, and in light of this marathon piece of loafing.....sorry working, you are installed as a member of the GoGB henceforth.

Cheers Jack

And I finally get round to updating after your comments marathon... Though I did spot a good few of your other comments on my earlier travels.

You're nuts! : )
Cheers, mate. Hey, and even in my language!

An honour indeed, cheers for dropping by the mad house...


And all this is 'working from home?' You should include a link to the RMT for giving you the opportunity to do it!

Ooo, number 27.

A pleasure and thrill to be commented upon by your good self.

And I'll be coming to London tomorrow too. How much more excitement can I take?

What the worthy Ionicus said, para 1.

Comet came again today: failed again.

Just so you all know.

Thank you for the visit AND the comment!

Are you unemployed at the moment? Or did you skip work today, blaming the strike? It must have taken you ages!

Number 87, get in there!

I have always had a liking for the number 87.

Come by whenever you like, I've got milk chocolate digestives and a pot of fresh tea!

Oy! Geezah! #60 and #63 are the same blog! Good job you ended up doing 101, just to be on the safe side...

Wow appearing at #60 and #63, I'm doubly honoured.

So you're saying I only made it in because YACCS was having problems...? Typical

Oy! Geezah! #60 and #63 are the same blog!

does the 101st blog make up for that d'you think?


coffdrop - you were at #60 and #63 because my cut-and-paste skills are suspect. I think you only got the one comment though.

Thank goodness I did that 'extra' 101st comment.

Only took me a couple of days to catch up...

For a moment there I thought the spam commenters had gone all wierd on me.

Thanks for the visit, 100 comments on 100 blogs must have taken its toll on your poor typing fingers though.

Ah, 65. My favourite number.

Mine must be tomorrow then

i was raised by chaffinches too. how wierd is that?

Cheers for the comments matey, it's always nice to know someone reads what I've posted. Even if they don't always agree with it.

(Number 73!)

DG, if you read this, have a 12 yeqars later follow up! From a brief perusal, it appears 9/10ths of the blogs are no longer active. :(

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