please empty your brain below

jaJwutH2fap0w is actually more memorable than it looks. Any takers?

I have an excellent and (so far) fool proof system for passwords. I've never heard anyone else mention it... and obviously I can't either.

I try to be helpful

postcodes are pretty good passwords.

I pick random words when I pick a password. Not mixtures of letters, actual words, and somehow I remember which login and password goes with each account. Of course, as I get older or go for a long period offline I'm going to forget them all and be in real trouble, but until then I'm dandy.

Using a "random word" as your password isn't all that secure as they can be "guessed" using dictionary methods. Proper computer security people strongly favour your "password that's impossible to deduce" [also impossible to remember]; as one site puts it, "There is no defense against password attacks other than using a strong password policy that includes a minimum length, unrecognizable words, and frequent changes." In other words not only using passwords that are impossible to remember, but changing them often as well.

My own passwords are based on 2 short unrelated words combined with symbol characters (e.g. crumb"argue). When forced to change passwords I keep them based on the same words but combined with diff symbols. I guess i'm in the middle range of paranoia.

Can't work out your one DG.
Go on... tell us... you know you want to really...

the last time I had to do this I used the name of the the beer I was supping at the time.

mind you, I don't remember the site

sorry, I forgot to mention how much I love this site Mr. Diamond.

Top stuff.

Sites or systems that allow you to write a hint in order to speed recall of a foreign password are also less helpful that one might think... when I finally upgraded to OS X last year, I found myself locked out of my own computer thanks not only to forgetting my password but also not understanding what the hell I was hinting at when I came up with "generic" as my clue.

You lot don't know Jack (or Jill...)

See, every password's crackable.

Well done Pat.
Only works if you remember where the water goes though...

Ah yes, I did it wrong first time... I see now...

Mother's maiden name? Unfair to us bastards.

I'm with the bastard - it's distressing to us orphans, and I have pointed this fact out to any companies that won't allow you to have any other question (HALIFAX ONLINE BANKING!!!)

I understand cockroaches make good pets. You are surely not suggesting that cockroaches are hacking into peoples bank accounts. It sounds like a terrible slur to me.

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