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That's not a bus it's an event.
Showers on board?


they tried introducing the bendy buses on the other "busy and straight" route in west london, the 207 from Shepherd's Bush to Hayes and Uxbridge.

after several instances of the buses getting jammed on bends in Shepherd's Bush Green, old ladies falling over due to dodgy suspension when the bus stopped and severe traffic problems on the Uxbridge Road, they put up a notice saying "The experiment with bendy buses has been useful. Bendy buses will now no longer run the 207 route and be taken out of service."

I'm amazed that they're giving it another go. Particularly after they all kept blowing up six months ago.

Dare I ask, not being good at the geography of London, is it possible to 'Bend it, like, through Peckham?'.

Indeed it is, but to bend it through Peckham you need the number 436 instead.

That was the most atrocious first day I have ever seen, by a damn sight. Three of the buses had malfunctioning blinds already. By 3 pm buses were running in threes with 30-minute gaps, with curtailments to Holborn and Tottenham Court Road from the east and Manor Park from the west. By 5 pm the service had disintegrated totally. I got off a cattle-packed 23061 at Stratford and decided to wait for an 86 to head further east - and FIVE 25s came in in five minutes. Heading east, observed fuck-all between Stratford and Manor Park so the 86s were suffering. There's going to be hell to pay at Oxford Circus - indeed it got off to a bad start from the outset, with the first 'N' 25s not coming in till 1 am, an hour after we on the last Old 25's duplicate (RTW 75!) had arrived. We took the brunt of the chucking-out crowd and the bus had to be taken out of service at Stratford because they were misbehaving so badly.

First employees told me that they were well shot of the 25, but the reputation they got on that route I thought was unfounded. Poor Stagecoach have been sold a pup, and by God, they and the poor bastards who've got to ride this doomed route every day are gonna suffer now. If this is the future of bus travel, I'm buying a car sooner rather than later.

If that was Saturday, imagine how bad Monday morning is going to be...

Do any Oxonian people know if the bendy buses still run in Oxford? I haven't seen any on my past few visits, but that might just be because I haven't been looking out for them.

I've given up using the 149 to get into town - it's such an unpleasant experience. Give me a routemaster any day.

I've not been on a bendy bus in London but I used to do it quite a lot when I was in Germany. And I always stood in the bendy bit. Much more fun.

People will get used to using all the doors eventually and the service will get better.

Ken (why did he get voted in again, sigh) claims these are the business. I'm still out on them, thinking, but people just dont have to pay anymore.

I'll see how they get on, but I just dont see how long is better than high.

At lest how we have the double deckers back!
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