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Final holdings

Le Bob: bought [email protected], sold [email protected], sold [email protected] [profit £19.50]

pop artist: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
Insp Sands: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
Paul: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
Bob: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
Non-NiC: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
ionicus: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
Maddie: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
NiC: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
Sven: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
bblb: bought [email protected] [profit nil]

Feck.... shares and me don't seem to get on.

....and you're right, I expected nothing else. My real fears arose yesterday when I started thinking England were going to beat Portugal. I have never thought we were going to win a football match before, ever.

To the board of England Euphoria I say thanks for so accurately capturing our mood for a few days.

*Smiles, having not touched them, having learnt lessons from MONI shares*

*whispers* I think you're meant to issue worthless warrants now...

That paragraph in the small text - and why the small text, incidentally? - was spot-on. Completely.

I'm with John Humphrys on England anyway. As he said during the last World Cup, this country would me absolutely INSUFFERABLE if England ever won a major tournament. Look at us, we still go on about 1966 like it was yesterday and like it's given us a God-given right to pronounce ourselves the best team in the world and therefore win everything.

Oh, and if that doesn't convince you, just imagine that smug f***er Tony Blair revelling in the national moment.

I rest my case. I'm glad we're out.

As an American living in London, even I couldn't help buying into the Euphoria... although I remain resolutely immune to Henmania. Anyway, excellent post. (FYI, I linked to it from Londonfilter--see link above. I'm just telling you here cause you don't have trackback.)

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