please empty your brain below

No more than ten shares each please.
Shareholder details will update below.
110 shares still available.

Current holdings (at 7am)

pop artist: bought [email protected] [profit £28.50]
Insp Sands: bought [email protected] [profit £28.50]
Paul: bought [email protected] [profit so far £28]
Bob: bought [email protected] [profit so far £28]
Non-NiC: bought [email protected] [profit so far £28]
ionicus: bought [email protected] [profit so far £27]
NiC: bought [email protected] [profit so far £20]
Le Bob: bought [email protected], sold [email protected], sold [email protected] [profit £19.50]
Sven: bought [email protected] [profit so far £17]
bblb: bought [email protected] [profit so far £10]

Anyone selling yet?

Can I buy shares now please?

Perfect timing Maddie.
(Haloscan's clock's 5 minutes late by the way).

Final holdings (at 10.30pm)

Le Bob: bought [email protected], sold [email protected], sold [email protected] [profit £19.50]

pop artist: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
Insp Sands: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
Paul: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
Bob: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
Non-NiC: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
ionicus: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
Maddie: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
NiC: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
Sven: bought [email protected] [profit nil]
bblb: bought [email protected] [profit nil]

Hello. I'm from the official receivers.

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