please empty your brain below

Really? I walk past there whenever I have to go to the local parcel centre to pick up something that didn't fit through the slot. I always thought that there must be something after it, but I never checked. Of course, I'm going to tell my flatmate this slightly esoteric fact and she'll think I've finally lost it...

How very bizarre. I lived in the next street for a year and didn't know it was there.

saw alan davies on canonbury sq on new years day. hood up but curls poking out. a car splashed me and i sulked. bought kfc and went home to watch sound of music. i drive through n1 twice a day. it's got some right rough bits and one of the most notorious council estates in london. wouldnt live there even if i was given a house. actually, i would. but i would never buy there. not that i could afford to anyway. i never go to the screen on the green. been too many times and had folk getting up and down to go to the loo during the show because they met their mates in the pub opposite an hour before the movie. it's such a nobber borough.

i get my crack off the zoffany rockettes. a lot goes on down that short distance in n19

This street is named after the famous fabric company Zoffany.

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