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Holloway Rd. has some pleasant (albeit run-down, like everything else along it) archictecture a bit further up the road towards Seven Sisters. The south end of it is pretty dire, I'll grant you that.

Don't know if you saw, DG, but the Graduate Centre also got an Award from the Royal Institute of British Architects last week.

Trivia, I know - but interesting all the same.

Tht side of the Holloway Road is also home to the best fetish shops in London: House of Harlot, Fettered Pleasures, the magic Shoebox... I refer to it as *Kinky Central*

riding through clerkenwell this morning i noticed a line of blue flags on lamp posts on certain streets. at the junction of farringdon and clerkenwell i discovered that the flags represent the route of the now dried up river fleet. i thought of you. then read this at work. spooky.

I saw those flags yesterday, and the 'exhibition' on Vine Street Bridge was fascinating, but I've managed to resist writing about it so far.
Note to self: must do a feature about the River Fleet one day

As for the Graduate Centre, I see BBC Online chose it as its Building of the Day today. Beat them by 5 hours.

Blue flags, eh?

you missed the delights of beresford road

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