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I'm afraid Tanya's derivative (not to mention a staggeringly shit bus photographer!!! Sorry!) - I did that four years ago. I got all the way into the 300s before I ran out of bandwidth (and the flipping routes kept changing, didn't they). How much is she flogging it for?

Loyd Grossman chose that particular work for the Nunnery exhibition, so you can blame him.

I suspect Tanya isn't a bus photographer, more a photographer of the environment. Different audience. And sorry, my lo-fi digital photo of the montage can't be enhancing her work much.

No sign of a vastly-inflated price on her work either. But Matt, what some people call a hobby other people call art. And you can sell the latter

I'm obviously in the wrong line of work. Shall I construct a tent entitled 'Everyone I've Ever Slept With 1971-2004' (it wouldn't be a very big tent, mind) and then have it set on fire?
Interestingly, the big art fire of 2004 has had knock-on effects on the model bus racket. Exclusive First Editions' own facility was nearby and it's blown their delivery schedule to bits.

Well, thank you for the info. It's good to see that contemporary art freaks people out much less than it used to, specially when it happens in not so genteel, middle class areas. I may stroll down there tomorrow and have a look at those open studios. I've seen some good shows in Bow Church, some of them by people I know.
And Matt: Why don't you paint some nice yellow sunflowers, or the Mona Lisa? They are worth more than 100 embroidered tents

*glazes over with hazy 1990's memories of 'those' bogs*

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