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I left work on time which still got me home for the England match but I had supper in another room during the second and third goals so I'm not that hooked (more concerned about my Euphoria share performance than anything else!).

I've never watched BB.

I'd rather be in the third group.

There seems to be stronger social pressure to be interested in football than I remember before.

I'm not sure it would be safe to wear an 'I Hate Football - Always Have, Always Will' t-shirt at the moment.

Still, its not as bad as the madness of Princess Diana's funeral, where going away on holiday drew mutterings of being 'unpatriotic' from some office morons.

What's social pressure?
What's football?

I wonder if any of the BB lot appreciated the significance of the 2 girls reappearing under silver serving domes?

>What's social pressure?
>What's football?

I'm guessing that you perhaps don't work in a predominantly male environment?

Not working yesterday so I could be blissfully ignorant about the football, and who is bottling who.

BB - Again not at work so I don't know if it's on the telly at the messroom.

Instead I spent the time sitting blissfully on the computer playing silly games.

What about those people who watched 'Britain Goes Wild' with Bill Oddie?

I'm with Vaughan (well, except for last night when I was out anyway) on the "Britain Goes Wild" - although if it were an ideal world, Bill Oddie would be getting the crap kicked out of him in the BB house.

Other than that, I guess I'm third column all the way. (is it my mind, or can that be perceived as some sort of political thing too?)

I actually had to watch the BB thing last night (first time this series) and came to the conclusion that perhaps we should persuade Dubya that Osama Bin Laden is hidden in the BB house, so the entire bunch of squealing non-entities can be bombed into extinction.

Hmmm - perhaps we should tell him the the house is on the other side of London. More chance of the US hitting the right one then...

I really couldn't care less about either of them.

Normally, I'd have caught 10 minutes of BB out of idle curiousity; but I've been trying to figure out DVD authoring, and it's not as straightforward as you might think to grab some random .AVIs and make a readable video DVD out of them.

I couldn't care less about either of them.

I was in Canterbury last week, and was harassed by some knob-jockey who kept following me, asking me to support "Kitten" (who??) who was thrown out of Big Brother.

When I said I had an appointment to be at (which was actually true), he started getting pissed off, and called me rude, repeatedly. As well as saying life was short. Which I thought was rather rich coming from someone who was about 4' 10" (I'm only 5'2"). And, if life is so short that I shouldn't be rude to people who harass me in the street, then why is he wasting his life on something as pathetic as that?

What about people who are gutted that notre garcons only managed a draw? It's much harder to take the piss out of England fans now

like tom, i played silly games last night. i love janet kay.
i watched both events but couldnt give a fuck about either of them.

Britain Goes Wild is way coool! the foxes! the bird chicks!
... The badgers behave not unlike the BB housemates though, scratching their furry bellies, lethargically lounging and slouching around... A diet of earthworms is what these human aberrations deserve!

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