please empty your brain below

I've read it all the way through! I also have no friends.

Up until yesterday, I had no plans to eve read it. But I was told that it is on my reading list for uni next year. I better buy it and start reading now by the sounds of it.

Hey! I *liked* Ulysses 31. Probably still do but, these days, this working-for-a-living thing gets in the way.
So far I've managed to avoid reading *any* James Joyce. I sincerly hope it stays that way.

I'm calling my novel 1942. But I'm deliberately fooling people, because all the events take place in one location at eighteen minutes to eight o'clock in the evening.

i have no urgent plans to write at the moment what with the hours i'm putting in at the station - and besides, what would be the point of doing so now with the future looking so exciting!!

Between you and me, Nancy & Steve Loomis have [kindly] agreed to ghost, but to be honest, i don't much rate their writing style.

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