please empty your brain below

visiting Canada Water nearly triggered a depressive episode two years ago...fortunately I am made of sterner stuff than looks at first sight

I'm tempted to arrange a small welcoming committee of local SE bloggers for DG when he gets to North Greenwich.

We could bake a cake.

That's not a tube station. That's a glorified greenhouse, and I claim my ten quid.

GWPLF's review of the tube station is the best recommendation I've ever heard. I too have a few tube stations that bring on depressive episodes. I think we should publish a list.

I'll start.

Upton Park.
Tottenham Court Road (and that one hurts the most, because it's one I can't avoid very often).

More to come, I'm sure . . .

(This is definitely a list that needs to be tackled with the authoritative tone of Diamond Geezer, I feel. Obviously we don't want to be too miserable, so we could balance it up with a list of tube stations that make people irritatingly and almost psychotically happy).

Ladbroke Grove
Edgware Road (Hammersmith & City Line)
Portland St

I was never happy in West London.

Edgware Road
Edgware Road
Edgware Road
Edgware Road and
Edgware Road

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