please empty your brain below

roflmao. That's brilliant! (But how do you know if you don't listen? Me, I get subjected to it at the hairdresser's)

very funny - at least they got numbers 1 & 3 right

excellent. sounds just like Blackpool's radio Wave.

Now I remember why I don't listen to local radio any more!

Very twuntish list, isn't it? How depressing...

Licing in London, it seems you have avoided the joys of Saga FM - my parents favourite radio station. This list is far too 'modern' for THAT little local station.

Off to see if I can find a link.

Or maybe watch some paint dry.

just off to gas myself

"just off to gas myself".....and I'm clinging to my Sony Gold award very tightly! Know what you mean guys....ho hum.

That's OK, Ian. Not all local radio is Radio Local, of course. Congrats on your station's Sony Gold award last year.

I should emphasise that the following does not happen on Ian's show:

"Simply listen in to Bob McCreadie at 7:45am, when he plays McCreadie's Mystery Noise. If you can guess what it is you win everything in the Jackpot pile! The last 3 sounds have been: fencing, collar & lead, BMX Bike."

Thank the gods for Radio 3 - if only they'd dump the bloody jazz which has been creeping in and dumbing it down in recent years.

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