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Silly Verse for kids, ahhh... my 1960-something version is still on our bookshelf. But then so are my Ladybird books.... maybe we have too many bookshelves....

I admit to 6 of those (well, more than that, but examples in 6 categories), all still on the shelf.

One can never have too many bookshelves.

Now we are six, worth regular re-reading.

Ladybird books. I still look at "The History of Clothes and Costume"

I don't know where the eye spy books went but I loved "The Observer's book of Pond Life"

Marvellous! Your collection can't have been thrown away by your m*ther on a cleaning jag. How are you for period comics (Dandy, Look-In, etc?)

Period comics, not so good.
Owned plenty, kept none. Sob.

I read my copy of Swallows and Amazons so much it fell apart. Watership down went the same way.

The only poem I know comes from "Silly verse for Kids"

String, string a wonderful thing
Rope is thicker but string is quicker.

Yes I've still got 'Now we are six' on my bookshelf as well (and copies of 'Now we
are sixty' and 'Now we are sixty {and a bit}' by Chistopher Matthew given to me more recently).

Also nestling there are both 'Down with Skool' (8s/6d) and 'Whizz for Atomms' by Geoffrey Williams and Ronald Searle, 'A dustbin of Milligan or concentrated rubbish' (10s/6d) and a copy of the Highway Code for 1954 which cost 1d and that includes the hand signal for car drivers wishing to indicate 'I am ready to be overtaken'.

I'd be interesed in buying "Secret of the Seventh Star" if you still have it...


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