please empty your brain below

Heh, heh. Excellent. But I can't play 'til later.... rats!

Awww... that takes me back.

Appreciate all the effort you put into that. Time for a revival, I think.

Top marks DG.
I loved those kind of branching-adventures as a kid !

Oh yes - I had loads of those Choose Your Own Adventure books. 'You have failed in your mission...' was always entry 499.
One of our lot used to make his own and we'd play them all day; they were much better than conventional D&D. There is one flaw with D&D though (other than social death) - never let yourself get stuck with a Lawful character. You don't get to kill anyone! And what kind of fun is that.

I think I have a few of those Adventure books in my parents loft. I even wrote one with my mate Stephen when we were kids.

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