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Normally a pinko-lefty-liberal-with-a-small-l such as I might have been worried by the civil liberties issues... but since, as you say, we the public are in favour I guess that would be wrong.....

Am I the only one who thinks they are a good idea?

Although I think that it is a bad idea to expect people to pay for them in hard cash. If that's a negative for me, who is in favour of them, how on earth are they going to get people who are anti- them to pay up?

And - I just don't think the government are up to setting up the infrastructure (admin/IT) to cope with it all.

Well, Spain's compulsory ID cards managed to stop the terrorists, didn't they?

Don't want one, don't want one, don't want one ommmmmmmm.......

Jobs for the boys, snouts in the trough, more dosh for our lovely friends at Crapita et al, while our politicians bask in the glory of being seen to be "doing something". (Nice to see the "opposition" line as well, which boils down to: couldn't they do it faster?) A monumental distraction and waste.

As long as you can mention your blog on them...

I think we were the ones who started this "brilliantly catastrophic" idea. (YUCK!) Everyone will have machine readable passports in October 2005, and we will have microchips as well in 2006. I, for one, am bothered by all of these infractions on our civil liberties.

I hear Brazil and China are giving America a taste of our own medicine. We take pictures of people and put them through a long littany of tests, they do the same to us. Maybe things will change, I doubt it, but maybe.

Two qqs about iris scans:
1. Would they work on David Blunkett, being as his don't work?
2. What if Wesley Snipes came round and poked out your eye with a scalpel, then used it to get into your bank acct (fine time he'd have, with my overdraft)

Err, the company which commissioned the research into ID cards - Detica - are the same company which provides database technology and systems integration to government departments. Can anyone see why they'd put forward an issue such as this for debate in public?

They couldn't possibly have something - like bags of cash - to gain from this, could they?

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