please empty your brain below

Yup, I've got one too. How bizarre.

How odd.
There doesn't appear to be one for me.

The Amazon thing is a re-branded version of the Alexa rankings, which measure site traffic based on users of the Alexa toolbar. As the Alexa toolbar is mainly used in the Far East, the site traffic doesn't make for a particularly useful guide. Also, the service can't distinguish between different Blogspot sites, lumping them all together as one ginormous high-traffic monolith.

The Wayback Machine archive is totally separate though.

I thought they were separate to start with, then I found this...

"The Wayback Machine, a service from the Internet Archive and Alexa Internet, allows people to access and use archived versions of stored websites."

... on the Wayback Machine overview page.

Which might explain why the Amazon/Alexa site shows a screenshot that's 9 months old.

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